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Keyboards / Recording / Orchestration  / Production / Mixing

DangerAngel is a Hard/Heavy rock band coming from Athens, Greece. Formed in 2006, they have released three albums titled “Danger Angel” (2010) and “Revolutia” (2013) and “All The King’s Horses” (2016) via Melodic Rock Records.
They are one of the most prominent bands in Greece and they maintain a healthy following around the world after their three albums have been released worldwide to wide acclaim by fans and critics alike.



Keyboards / Recording / Production

Floks means flame.

Floks sing for God's Love and Peace. Floks represent the contemporary Rock/Pop Christian music scene in Greece. 

They are a group with multiannual experience and enough concerts in Greece and abroad.

In 2003 they toured in America with the "Unknown God Tour" supporting the Olympic games spirit. 

For Floks the flame is hope. 

Important Concerts: Live in the prisons of Avlona (Greece), Live in Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame (USA), where they were also honoured by the governor of the state with the nomination of 29 August 2003 as “the Floks Music Tour Day”!

They have shared the same stage with the Delirious? at the duration of the Olympic Games, with a crowd that exceeded the 4.000 people. 



Keyboards / Recording / Orchestration / Production

"This project has become a favourite among fans, as it has many catchy lyrics paired with amazing instrumentals. George Ahas Lignos worked incredibly hard recording and producing all the accompanying arrangements, and is proud to be able to present fans with this final product. Have a listen and discover the magic of music produced by George Ahas Lignos." - Emka Productions

"Anagennisi is a music school established in 1990 in Athens Greece.

- Merry Christmas - 



Synths, Piano, Programming, MD

Nekyia is truly a rhapsody in Homer's Odyssey, which describes the descent of Ulysses to the underworld, in his effort to take the advice from the dead diviner Teiresias. Nekyia symbolises the internal journey of everyone of us in our way to achieve self-knowledge and self-integration.

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